Wholesale Trade of Used Clothes

We have been operating in the used clothing market for 15 years now. We supply merchandise sourced from various countries, sorted into Lux, Extra, and Crem categories, as well as by positions and mixes. Over this time, we have accumulated significant supply experience from Western and Northern Europe.




We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our products.
This stands as our primary aim, concurrently serving as our commitment to fostering long-term collaboration.


We possess years of experience in wholesale trade of new clothes, used clothes, and footwear. You can trust our knowledge and professionalism in this business field.


In our wholesale trade, you will discover an extensive array of goods – ranging from clothes to bedding. This provides the opportunity to choose according to your customers’ tastes and preferences, catering to various styles and needs.


We not only trade in clothing but also offer business advice. If you’re planning to start or expand your wholesale trading operations, you can rely on our expertise to receive valuable insights and become successful member of business environment.

Service Enhancement

By choosing us, you can expect extensive experience, quality products, business advice, and professionalism in the wholesale trade field. We aim to earn and maintain customer trust, which is why we continuously strive to enhance our services and meet your expectations.

High standards

We provide services of high quality, adhere to elevated standards, and consistently strive to meet our clients’ needs. Customer trust and reliability are our top priorities.

We trade with well-known brand names.


Product Range In our wholesale trade, you will discover an extensive array of goods – from clothing to bedding.

Our goals

We strive for our clients to be satisfied and content, to successfully trade our goods, and to further develop their operations.

We engage actively with suppliers, analyze supply, follow fashion trends, and seek out new markets and sales opportunities. We refine manufacturing, logistics, and other processes within the company while sharing information.

We aim for our clients to be content and happy, to effectively trade our goods, and to continue expanding their activities. We consistently replenish our stock of used and new clothing and bedding.

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